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Inspired Essence Therapies



Hi, I am 

Michelle Munies McDonnell

Communication on all levels is my passion.

Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, Spiritually, Etherically & Dimensionally.



As an Awakened Master Guide, Dimensional~Awakening Coach & Inspirational Writer/Poet, my Joy is to assist your Heart & Soul to re-connect your Compassion, Trust & all that Nature Intended us to Experience through the beauty of Heart based Intent.

To Live life to its Fullest.

~~~To Remember We are Love & Light.~~~


I am an Awakened Master Guide

Certified Medical Intuitive

Licensed Intuitive Massage Therapist

Certified Reiki Master 

 Soul Awakening Coach


More than anything I work with Teachers, Lightworkers, mentors and those that desire to assist others. I am Love & Light and my service is to assist in the dimesional awakening of those Souls who desire to "Reboot, Revive & Remember", so you can continue your purpose with Clarity & Heart~Centered Integrity. 


For more information or 

to set up an appointment:



Email me:



In the past 3D Life Energy program for Humanity,

I studied many different modalities and received License and Certifications for the

"Mastery of Knowing".

In the 5D Reality none of this is needed!

When in the present moment,

we are all our own Healers!

Just need to Remember.


~Soul Assistance is what I offer~


The Truth is that all we need is to connect with our heart and the body will know what to do. Your willingness is all that is needed to create

Balance & Calm.


I am here to provide support and assistance to you by offering; 


 Soul Awakening sessions:


Intuitive Integrated Healing Sessions: 


This may include many different modalities

that are designed to assist your process:


For more Details;

Click the Dolphins below for "Inspired Sessions" page.  

Inspired Essence Therapies Prices:

1 Hour: $111.00 

1.5 Hour: $133.00 


~If financial assistance is needed, we can create a solution always!~ 


There is a Bridge to Full Consciousness, Love & Joy.


You choose to go across the Bridge or not.






Inspired Visitors

Inspired Essence Therapies

© Copyright 2001



Love, Light & Laughter Always,

Michelle Munies McDonnell


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Insights & Inspirations





Connect with your Joy!





If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.

I would love to

Connect with you.   


Send me an E-mail:


Call me:





~We can create a skype session as well!~



*Note: I am Deeply Honored to Be of Service in Love & Light for All of You and Humanity. 

If you are able, your Love Offering is so appreciated. Your exchanges of Love & Generosity helps me offer these services for free to those who may not be able to at this moment. I am truly Grateful.  



Remember to Breathe.

Be loving to yourself.

Give with joy.

Make every moment count.

Smile and share that with the world!



Enjoy and Explore all my writings. 

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Visit my facebook page, I always welcome more "Likes".




Thank you..💖 

Gate` Gate` - Deva Premal
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