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Intuitive Integrative Energy Sessions that assist you:



The therapies consist of many different modalities, depending on what shows up for You, your energy will guide the session through the atoms of "Love~In~Action", Highest Outcome, every moment. Just need to breathe, Relax, Center & Allow. 


*Only requirement is wearing comfortable clothes

& lying on a massage table.*







First and foremost: We have a consultation and connect into the heart. Once we establish this and all aspects, guides, etc. you desire to be present & assist are welcomed (energetically speaking), you move to the massage table.  An energy scan with my hands above the body helps initiate connection, then listen and feel what the body is expressing and needing assistance with. Once that has been acknowledged, specific modalities will assist the body in what it needs to realign and become whole and healed.


Some of these may include;

Medical Intuitive therapy, Reiki, Chakra balancing,

Cranial-Sacral Unwinding, Realigning & Soul-Awakening.




What is Medical Intuitive Therapy?


The human body is an Electromagnetic Field. Just having negative thoughts and emotions can distort this most sensitive energy field. As a Medical Intuitive, the ability to examine the human energy field to help you alleviate the Physical, Mental, Emotional, and Spiritual issues that may be present and realign them back to the Balanced Harmonious state your body is meant to be in.  It is an alternative to getting a clearer understanding of what your body is trying to tell you through the discomforts you may be experiencing. This Electromagnetic Field is not just the Physical body. It exists everywhere but our Physical body is the last to experience the impact of the Electromagnetic Distortion. Working on all levels, being Mental, Emotional, Etheric (the blueprint of our DNA structure), Spiritual & Dimensional will bring all of who you are back to perfection. Creating Homeostasis/ No More Distortion. Through being a Vehicle for you & your Higher Aspects, Guides and Teachers to work through me, these abilities give you the opportunity to Heal through your Willingness to help Release those frozen memories or experiences that need to be worked through. To align your essence on all levels to be back in Perfection as it is intended to be.


What is Reiki?


Reiki is an Art and Science using the Universal Lifeforce Energy. It is an alternative energy healing that works on the cellular level to release Emotional & Physical memories that are blocked within your body. Your first experience will feel like you are in a trance-like state of calm, being fully aware of all that is around you. It balances the immune system & gives you mental clarity. Feeling relaxed and at ease, it promotes physical well-being, releases the stress & tension of our daily lives. Balances your energy back to positive emotions. The person can be fully clothed in unrestrictive/lose garments.





What is Cranial-Sacral Unwinding?


Cranial-Sacral Unwinding focuses on the energy connections in the body. It balances the bodies rhythms and pulses much like the ebb and flow of the ocean. When the body has become devitalized or overcharged, the reconnection of the tissues to these rhythms brings healing to the primary core energy of the body. It hones in and brings your body back to its “home state”, Homeostasis. This creates realignment and calm, which then brings well-being.




Soul Awakening Coaching~Find your Inner Peace:


Inspired Soul Enhancement Coaching sessions that assist you in moving through your blockages with Ease. Connecting with your highest aspects of self. We can do this through being Heart Connected & Centered via One~on~One in Person, by Skype or by Phone.


*Note: I am Deeply Honored to Be of Service in Love & Light for All

of You and Humanity. If you are able, your Love Offering is so appreciated. Your exchanges of Love & Generosity helps me offer these services for free to those who may not be able to at this moment. I am truly Grateful.  



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Love, Light & Laughter Always,

Michelle Munies McDonnell

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